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  Mission Statement  

The mission of Englewood Elementary is to ensure that students have the foundation necessary to achieve personal success and fulfillment by providing a nurturing, engaging learning environment.

Vision: Englewood Elementary will continue to provide a quality education that is academically rigorous and developmentally appropriate to enable our students to become productive citizens. The school will continue to be a safe environment that is interactive, collaborative, and promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

  About The School  

Englewood School History

Englewood School has been at its present location since 1906. It began as a wooden structure with three large rooms separated by curtains. Previously in the area, there had been several subscription schools, but this was the first public school for the students of Englewood. It was operated by the Town of Englewood until 1937. At that time, it became a part of the McMinn County School System.

The original Englewood School building burned in 1924. Classes were held in local churches and other available locations until another school could be built. The community joined together and worked very hard to continue their children's education during the rebuilding of the school.

In 1925, Englewood students entered a brand new school. It was a grand school building for its time. The style of the building was Colonial Revival, which was common in the south during the first half of the last century. "Schoolhouse Red" was the color of its brick. Its expansive windows gave it a very open and naturally lighted environment. A gymnasium was built in 1956 and is still well maintained and utilized today.

The new school offered first through twelfth grades. The curriculum emphasized the Three R's - Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Reading was taught by the sight method by using the Dick and Jane Reading Series. The reading exercises used simple sentences such as "See Dick Run," "I see Jane," and "See Spot Run" to teach students to read.

For the most part, teachers and administrators were hired from the Englewood community. It was not uncommon for teachers to begin their career at Englewood School and thirty to forty years later retire from Englewood. These educators left a wonderful legacy of wholesomeness and caring for their students.

On a cold and snowy December morn, the beloved old school building burned to the ground. All that was left was the gym and a building constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Again, students were transported to surrounding community facilities such as the National Guard Armory for classes. Hardly a week goes by without someone mentioning with regret and remorse the loss of the old school building with all of its nostalgic memories.

Our present school opened in 1965 and housed first through eighth grades, shortly thereafter, our high school along with Etowah's was combined to create Central High School. Today Englewood School's main building is a pod style and reflects the architecture of the 1960s. The school building has been updated as new needs have arisen such as technology services. In 2005, the gym was refurbished, and a new section of ten classrooms was added to our school.

In 2005, Englewood School was among the first in the state to be awarded a pre-kindergarten class through Governor Bredesen's primary school initiative. The first pre-kindergarten class had an enrollment of eighteen students. The new class offering was a boost to our school's efforts to engage parents and in meeting the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act.

As Englewood School passes its one hundredth birthday (1906-2006), it continues to meet the educational needs and concerns of the twenty-first century. Along with a continuum of past traditions and achievements, promoting academic excellence still remains one of the school's top priorities.

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