EES Gas Leak Update

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, it was brought to our attention that there was a gas odor outside Englewood Elementary School.

School officials contacted Etowah Utilities, who informed us a new odorant had been added to the system, which resulted in a more pungent smell than usual outside in the Englewood area.

Out of an abundance of caution, our MCS Maintenance department and Etowah Utilities were notified and came to assess the situation at the school. Etowah Utilities detected no gas present inside the building. Etowah Utilities and the McMinn County Maintenance Department checked gas lines at the school. One air unit on the exterior of the building had a minor leak, prompting officials to shut off gas to the school immediately, thus eliminating the safety concerns on campus. No gas leaks were detected inside the school building by Etowah Utilities. The minor leak outside was repaired.

Englewood Elementary School was closed on Wednesday, Nov. 10 to allow the city of Englewood, Etowah Utilities, and McMinn County Schools’ Maintenance Department time to check for any gas issues and make repairs if needed. No issues were detected this morning within the school building. The school building was deemed safe by Englewood Fire Department, Etowah Utilities, and McMinn County Maintenance.

Englewood Elementary will be open and in regular session on Thursday, Nov. 11. 

Thank you, and have a good evening.